SSP Processing Equipment

The most important basis for the long-term success of our company is a true and fair partnership with our customers. We earn the trust of our customers with continuous competent support, high-quality performance and service, on-time deliveries and a lasting commitment to our partnership.

We represent and are the sole agents in South Africa for the following companies.

  • Attrition Mills
  • Vertical Bead Mills
  • 10000 litre Mixers on Load Cells
  • Dissolvers
  • DYNO-Mill ECM
  • DYNO-Mill KD
  • Jupiter Planetary



About Us

SSP Environmental Techinik (Pty) LTD, is the sister company of Beads Internationa,l and manufacture and import all types of Mills, being inundated with requests for technical information and the supply of Grinding Media.

Affiliated Companies